Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Musings: The End of Winter

When will Old Man Winter settle down for the season?  Have we seen the last of the snow for this year?  The snow this year was so awful, that my hubby was granted 2 days off from work, which almost never happens.  I'm going stir crazy with cabin fever.  I like taking walks with Galina in her stroller, but with icy and snowy sidewalks, I'm not taking any chances.

So, in review:

12/19/09 - 13.5 inches

2/6/10 - Almost 14 inches

2/9/10 - (Got tired of measuring...)

In summary, that was a LOT of snow!!!  If I hear the "s-word" one more time this winter...


  1. If I hear the "S" word one more time I'm going to spout profanity like you have never heard. Stupid weather. Let's not talk about this coming Wednesday, OK? LOL

  2. It better not (on Wed), b/c I'm supposed to have my washer/dryer delivered/installed on Thurs...