Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What If Wednesday

What if you were a character in a fairy tale - who would you be?

I think I would be the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.  I felt very much like the Ugly Duckling.  In grammar school, and even high school, I didn't fit in.  I pretty much was a wall flower. 

There was a boy that I liked in 6th grade.  I was at a school dance and a girl from my class found out that I liked him and shoved me towards him.  Well, the boy moved out of the way, and my knee ran straight into the railing, slicing it open.  I didn't need stitches, but I still have a scar there. 

At the end of my high school years, I found a guy in an AOL chatroom that eventually became my boyfriend.  After a few years of dating, we had a conversation, during which he told me that the first time we met, he thought to himself, "Oh wow (in terms of my looks).  Well, I'm here now so I might as well stay".  I guess my personality won him over, b/c we dated for a couple of years.  (This was the same guy in my posting, The Revenge of a Jilted Ex-Girlfriend).       

I didn't have any real friends until I went to college.  Sure, there were some girls at my high school that I talked to at lunch, and before school, but we never got together outside of school to hang out, or to talk.  I remember going to only one birthday party in my childhood, and I think it's b/c the whole class was invited.  At the party, I pretty much was ignored.

When I started college, I decided that I no longer wanted to be without friends.  At Drexel, I met a couple of awesome girls, whom I am still friends with today.  I also met a guy in a Yahoo! chatroom, whom I went out with a few times.  We didn't click as a couple, but we were good as friends.  When he met his wife, we became good friends as well.  (And because of her I met one of the followers of my blog :), who is also becoming a good friend).  One of my girl friends from Drexel was in a relationship with another Drexel student.  He was best friends with my hubby, and was the one that introduced us.  He is also a good friend.  And because of my hubby and his best friend, I have several more good friends.

And so, this ugly duckling became a swan.  She found a place where she belonged.  She is home.  She has a wonderful husband, who gave her a wonderful daughter, and wonderful friends.  

What if there was no such thing as money - what do you think the world would be like?
At first, it seems like it would be a good idea.  If there was no such thing as money, I could have the house that I wanted, all of the books that I could possibly imagine in my bookcase, a plethora of movies to choose from, etc.  However, without money, people wouldn't work, b/c there would be no incentive.  And without people working, there wouldn't be the things that people buy.  If you wanted a house, you would have to cut down your own trees, and find all of the other necessary materials to build your house.  And that's just it, you'd have to physically build your own house, unless you found someone to help you (you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours).
Also, if there wasn't any such thing as money, the services that you would need wouldn't be available.  Doctors visits, and hospital visits, and health exams/tests - all of those things cost money (training, materials to make the microscopes, MRI machines, etc.).  So while it sucks that there is such a thing as money, I guess it's necessary.
(Is this what Communism is?  I'm not a history person, and what little history I do know about, I'm really bad about the details...This whole no money thing may look good on paper, but when you really think about it, it's not... )  
For some reason, whenever I wonder about money and what it would be like if the world didn't use it, I think about the book, The Giver.  That was a really great book, and so were the other two books that involved the same characters. 
Next week's What Ifs:
  • What if you could turn any book into a movie - which book would you choose, who would you cast, and what changes would you make?
  • What if you could know the details of your death - would you want to know?  What would you do with that knowledge?

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