Friday, March 26, 2010

Super Mad

I am so upset! (Okay, not really that upset, maybe more like slightly annoyed, b/c there are way more important things to be upset about...)

I received an e-mail ad from Babies R US this morning, and I checked out all the deals and things.  I saw an ad for a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders jumperoo!  Now for those who don't know me, I love all things beach/shore/ocean related, and that's what the theme of my nursery was.  I checked out the website and saw that they had an entire line of Ocean Wonders products!  If that was only available about a year ago...

Here is what I would have put on my registry if they were available then...

Yes - I would have wanted everything in that room... crib set, mobile, diaper stacker, etc.

Yes, I'm still stamping my feet in protest...*sighs


  1. I feel your pain. There there. shhh. It's ok. When the next baby comes make a new registry.

  2. First, there has to be a next baby :) Second, I don't think you do registries for subsequent kids, unless they are like years apart (even though it doesn't hurt - but I still don't think that I will). And third, with my luck, when I have baby number 2, they probably won't be around...