Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Woman's Right to Choose...

to change her mind!  That is me.  I am editing my blog.  I will no longer be sticking to my schedule of Monday Musings, Two Part Tuesday, What If Wednesday, TV Thursday, Feel Good Friday, Silly Saturday, and Snapshot Sunday. 

I do things when I feel inspired or energetic enough to do them.  Managing this blog and sticking to a specific schedule sometimes makes me feel like it's work.  I'm doing this blog for me, and when I feel like writing about something, or revealing "stuff" about my life (via home videos/pictures, etc), I'll do it.  And not on some schedule.  Whew, I feel better now :)

I kept a journal when I started high school.  I didn't have an entry every day, only on those days when I really had to get something down on paper.  So why shouldn't my blog be like that?  Well guess what, now it will be.

To be continued...(when I feel like it)...    

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