Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What If Wednesday

What if you could live anywhere in the world - where would you live?

If I could live anywhere in the world, I think I would live on a cruise ship.  I think I remember (I wouldn't quote me on this) coming across an application while I was working at the passport agency that had "cruise" for destination and a duration of something crazy like 180 days.  I think I remember one of the specialists calling the applicant asking her about it.  I believe she was a widow, and retired.  She said that she didn't want to live alone in some place and instead of giving money to a retirement center, she would just live on a cruise.

What a wonderful way to live!  You wouldn't have to pay a mortgage, or utilities, or pay for groceries.  You have your entertainment and housekeeping done for you.  And you could travel the world, getting off the ship whenever a particular port pleases you.  I think I'd like that lifestyle for a while.  Although, there's only so much trivia that I could take on the 5-day cruise I was on :) 

What if you were given one wish - what would you wish for?

As much as I would like for there to be no war, famine, grief, etc. in the world, I would wish for me to be happy.  I wouldn't wish for all the money in the world, b/c all of the money in the world can't make you happy.  I wouldn't wish for eternal life, b/c the conditions in the world are not right for that.  Not to mention, having to work forever to be able to afford eternal life...  But if I were happy, it wouldn't matter how much money I had, I'd find a way to be happy.  I could get through sickness and still be happy.  I could get through the sad times and still be happy.  I know that without sadness, you can't appreciate happiness.  Without sickness, you can't appreciate health.  Without the Winter (and what a Winter this one was!), you can't appreciate the Spring (I am sooooo ready for it!).  But having experienced all of that already, I know what I would be giving up, and what I'd have.  So bring on the happiness!

Next week's What Ifs:
  • What if you were a character in a fairy tale - who would you be?
  • What if there was no such thing as money - what do you think the world would be like?


  1. I'd wish for unlimited wishes. :)

  2. But if you wish to be happy, then you wouldn't need anymore wishes - b/c you'd be HAPPY :D