Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being a woman seriously sux

*Warning: This is a seriously detailed blog, which may be too detailed for men (read as: you've been warned, so stop now), but women will understand.  And if you're a woman who is embarrassed, disgusted, etc. about discussing the biology of periods, you'll want to stop too....* Scroll down to read more if you dare.

Men really don't understand what women go thru when it's that time of the month.  Seriously.  I am feeling sick right now.  I have my period.  Which means that I have clots that drop pretty much every time I go from a sitting to standing position.  So everytime I have to get up to do something, I have to waddle to the bathroom, or have to change clothes.  It seriously sux.  And on top of that issue, my intestines go on strike as well at this time of the month.  So I have to run for the bathroom for clots, and major diarheal (word/spelling?) type problems.

So of course I get my period and all of the problems that go with it at the beginning of a snow storm.  Fine.  Whatever.  But then I'm supposed to have my washer/dryer delivered/installed tomorrow.  Which means that I have to shovel out the back yard and driveway so they can get through it (b/c that's what the instructions say needs to be done).  Not to mention, I will have to constantly check on Galina while running to the bathroom.  I ask the hubby to take off work tomorrow so he can help me out with this, and he refuses!  He says he'll get up half an hour earlier to shovel a path.  He doesn't understand why I need for him to take off. 

First off, a path isn't what needs to be done.  The whole yard will need to be done.  Can you imagine trying to carry a washer and dryer down a small path?  Plus, I don't know how they plan to do it...will they park in our yard and take it out that way so it's less of a distance they have to carry them?  And the driveway leading from our house to the street (b/c that's what the instructions say: "a clear path from the street to the entrance to your house") needs to be done.  It will probably still be accumultaing snow after he leaves and I'll still have to shovel that crap, even if he does shovel before he leaves.  And who the hell wants to shovel snow when they have their period.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I get anemic when I have my period.  So yeah, I have to fight the shakes as well.

And I really don't want to be alone in the house by myself and a child.  Being on the cautious and dramatic side, who knows what kind of person I'll be letting into my house.  I don't know who's coming.  A rapist could be coming for all I know.  Yes, I know, the odds of that happening are slim to none, but it's not impossible. 

It would just be nice if my husband could understand what it's like to be feeling like this when having to deal with the weather and the Sears people.

Thank you for letting me rant.              


  1. OK, before I read, since when is any topic off the table with me? Nothing shocks me! Now, back to reading...

  2. Hmmmm, I have a heavy flow, especially since Baby Bells, but other than complaints. I know, go ahead. I've been called one before :P I'll call Max and yell at him for you. How rude.

  3. Lucky you :) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I get mind-numbing cramps, and pretty much keep Midol in business. And no need to call and yell at Max, b/c I've done plenty of that...hehehe

  4. Excellent. As long as someone yelled at him I'm good. yeah, I am lucky in that respect. Midol does not like me, LOL.