Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What If Wednesday

What if you were forced to give up one of your five senses - which one would you give up?

Of the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, I would probably give up taste.  When you start considering what sense you would give up, you really begin to appreciate all of the senses that you do have. 

I wouldn't want to lose my sight, b/c I appreciate the beauty of nature, and I just love watching everything that my little one does.  I wouldn't want to lose my hearing, b/c I love listening to music, and I love listening to the babbling and cooing of my 8-month old daughter.  I wouldn't want to lose my sense of touch, b/c I have heard about people who have that malady and cannot feel pain - which can lead to extremely serious injuries.  I wouldn't want to lose my sense of smell, b/c I love the smell of the flowers in Spring, and look forward to that every year when I plant my annuals. 

I wouldn't want to lose my sense of taste either, but it's the one that I would most willingly give up.  I love, love, love the taste of food, but that is also a source of distress in my life.  If I no longer had the sense of taste, food might not be as appealing to me, and I wouldn't eat quite so much, or quite so much junk food.  I could then lose some weight, and feel like the person I want to be.  I currently hate shopping for clothes b/c I don't like the way I look in them.  It's depressing.  And I am currently avoiding my Wii Fit b/c I'm not making any progress toward my goal, and it forces me to admit why.  So, while it would suck that I couldn't enjoy food anymore (I would then look forward to the day when our food is given to us in little pills, and then I wouldn't have to worry about shoving food in my mouth that has no taste), I could begin to appreciate the other things in life that do make me happy, that don't cause me distress.     

What if your house caught on fire and you could only save one item - what would you save?
Hmmm...there are several things that I would want to save.  Obviously, I would save my family, but the question is about an item that I would save.  So with that said, I would save my box of photo and scrapbook albums.  I can't replace those physical manifestations of my memories.  If everything else burned, I could replace those.  It's just a matter of money, which the insurance would pay for.  And it could be an exciting experience - to buy new things to replace the old ones.  I don't really have too many treasured items, just decorative items for my house.

Next week's What Ifs...

  • What if you were selected to be in the Olympics - in which event would you compete?
  • What if you were on the game show, Deal or no Deal - what would your strategy be?

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  1. Your justification for giving up taste has intrigued me. Hmmmm... :) BTW are beautiful just as you are. You rock it out girlfriend. Shake that...groove that...shake that...You are a superstar (LMFAO song :P) Really, you look great. I should have a rocking bod like that. Uh huh!