Monday, February 8, 2010

It Starts

Right off the bat I would like to say thanks to Inappropriate Sue for inspiring me to create one of these things.  I think it's more fun and personal than posting on Facebook, which has recently been getting on my nerves due to site problems.  

And now I'd like to welcome you to The Crazy World of Shelle!

*Warning* The majority of my posts will probably be about events surrounding my daughter.  My family is my life, and Galina is the newest addition to my family.  I usually have a ton of things to talk about when it comes to her.

As anyone who knows me and my daughter, they can tell you that when it comes to being a mommy, I am spoiled!  When Galina was only 6 weeks old, she began sleeping for 8 hours through the night.  The first time she did so, it scared the crap out of me - I looked at my Itzbeen (a really cool gadget!), and saw that it was 8 hours since she went to sleep.  I jumped out of bed and ran over to the bassinet to make sure that she was still breathing.  A couple months after that, she began sleeping between 10-12 hours through the night.  Numerous people have told my hubby and I that they hate us, in a "my kids still aren't sleeping through the night" spiteful tone of voice :)  I just smile and count my blessings.

Well, Galina has decided to empathize with those parents who are envious of Max and I, and make life just a tad more difficult for us.  Usually, all we needed to do to get Galina to go to sleep was give her a bedtime bottle when she started getting fussy (around 8:30/9:00), and she'd either go to sleep (we could easily put her in her crib), or be sleepy enough to be put in the crib for self-soothing.  However, for the past 3 nights, we would give her a bedtime bottle (around 9 or so), and she would start drifting off to sleep.  After about 10-15 minutes of her sleeping in our arms, we would attempt to put her in her crib.  This is when the fun begins!  As we were walking up the steps to her room, she would open her eyes and start whimpering.  As soon as she was placed in her crib, the whimpering turned to outright wails!  We would close the door and let her cry for 5-10 minutes, hoping that she would soothe herself back to sleep.  When that didn't work, I would get her, bring her back downstairs, and give her an additional 2 ounces of formula.  She would close her eyes, and start drifting off back to sleep.  Again, when we tried to bring her up to the crib, she would open her eyes and start crying.  The first night of this, she didn't go to sleep until midnight.  The second night, she didn't go to sleep until about 10:30, and the same for tonight.  I've tried rocking her in the glider in her room with quiet music - that didn't really help.  I've tried giving her a pacifier; that didn't help either.  Tonight, after the second time I tried to put her to sleep and she woke up, I turned off the lights, and held her against my chest.  She calmed down enough for me to lay her in her crib.  I held my hand on her stomach for reassurance, and after a minute, I slowly backed away from her crib and out of the room.  I'm thankful that once she goes to sleep, she stays asleep until I go to get her at 9:30-10:00 the next morning.

It's awesome that I can sleep until about 8:30-9:00 AM.  When Galina wakes up, she usually talks quietly to herself, and after about 5-10 minutes, goes back to sleep.  When I hear this quiet talking is usually when I get out of bed, check my e-mail, the weather, etc., then get my shower.  After my shower, if Galina is still sleeping, I chill out in bed with a few chapters of a novel.  When she wakes up after her little catnap, she begins talking in her daytime voice, and I know that it is time for us to start the day :)

I'm hoping that this sleeping issue is only temporary.  She goes through different phases, (like me being her BFF, stranger anxiety, etc.), and I'm hoping that this is just one of those phases.  I will continue to try different things should this pattern continue.

Well, this is enough for now...come back again, if you dare!       


  1. I'm your first follower! Yay!

  2. I'm reading your first post a second time. Yay! LOL

  3. Yep! So, when is your mom going to start commenting? I miss your mom :)

  4. Mom doesn't do the computer thing. She has an e-mail account, and that's pretty much it. She dosen't do the FB thing, or anything else, really. And if you miss her, you should come over, and bring your darling girls :)

  5. I want to! As far as correcting people's posts, LOL, shouldn't it be "addition" and not "edition". Bwahaha...that'll teach you to correct my 8 feet. I'm just kidding though. Thanks for the correction. My brain must not be working. I blame the thundersnow ;)

  6. Thanks for being the word police :-) I changed it. I like being corrected, and am not afraid to admit it :)

  7. I do as well. I appreciate it so thank you again :P BTW...I found your mistake completely by accident. I missed it the first three times I saw it, LOL.