Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Part Tuesday

Part 1: Winter Weather

Once again this winter, we are expecting a monster snowstorm.  A part of me is excited for all the snow - I love watching it come down.  I just get giddy looking at how pretty it looks!  And on the plus side of a high-accumulating snowfall, my dear hubby has off from work tomorrow!  He called the office, and a message was left on the machine saying that the building would be closed :)  It's a grown-up person snow day!!!  However, once the damage is done, cleanup must commence.  This is not a fun job!  Although, I don't mind it so much, b/c I definitely need to get more exercise!

Part 2: Winter Weather Pictures

12/20/09 Snow:

02/06/10 Snow:


(Almost 14 inches)

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  1. Bah hum bug to snow! BAH! LOL BTW...You are on my blog roll!!! Awesome blog Shelle :)