Friday, February 26, 2010

Feel Good Friday: "Forever" - Chris Brown Wedding Entrance

Sue posted this link on her FB (when she had an active FB account), and watching this made me smile.  I showed it to my hubby, who was also watching it with a smile.  So pretty much anything that makes you smile, also makes you feel good.  Therefore, this qualifies as a post for my Feel Good Friday Blog.  Expect more :)

Did you smile? :)

My guests would have killed us if we gave them an entrance like that!  Our wedding was in a stone church building with no air conditioning at the end of June.  It was really hot and humid.  Not only would our guests have killed us, but I think everyone in our wedding party would have killed us, too, b/c they would be sweating like crazy!  And who wants to get married smelling body odor the entire service? :)

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  1. OK, thank you so much for posting this. Last Summer I tried to share this with someone and I was told it was childish. So naturally I wanted to give them a childish smack. I still enjoy this., Why? Because it shows people having fun and enjoying life. This is what life should be about. Having fun and enjoying the moments. Also, I still like this song even though it is by Chris Brown.