Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sell This House

It's been eight months since Galina's birth.  Hubby and I agreed that when she turned eight months, we would begin trying to make a sibling for her.  We also discussed putting our house up for sale when we got pregnant (No-we're not pregnant, yet...).  However, before we can even begin to think of selling our house, there are a few things that need to be addressed.

I've learned a few things about buying and selling houses from months of watching HGTV.  Combine this with my love of making lists and being organized (yes, you will be subjected to numerous lists in my postings), you get the following checklist of things that need to be done around the house before we find a listing agent:

I've organized the checklist according to location in the house.

1. Repair crumbling part of wall
2. Oil hinges of garage door
3. Organize totes

1. Weed garden
2. Repair cracks

1.  Replace washer and dryer (they are being delivered and installed on 2/26 :) )
              Here is a picture of the washer that we ordered
2. Relocate cat bed to garage

1. Fix drawer
2. Fix sink faucet
3. Relocate storage units to garage
4. Clear counters of all un-necessary appliances/items

Dining Room
1. Remove expansion leaf from table to make room appear more spacious
2. Relocate 2 chairs, folding table/chairs to garage
3. Remove clutter on the floor
4. Store books and games in garage
5. Clear "pass through"
6. Remove wall hangings/decorations
7. Stage bookcase

Living Room
1. Relocate DVD storage unit to other side of the room
2. Remove wall shelves
3. Spackle, sand, and repaint shelving wall (I tried installing these shelves with the Mighty Putty that Billy Mays was selling, but that didn't work out too well - it left a huge mess on my walls, and an interesting conversation with my brother about all the gunk inside the piece where you have to install the screw!)
4. Touch-up paint the banister
5. Relocate all baby equipment to garage
6. Replace last old bulb in ceiling fan light
7. Remove clock, and picture frame
8. Stage living room with non-personalized items

Shelle's Office
1. Relocate changing curtain to garage
2. Remove wall hangings
3. Relocate bathroom storage unit to garage
4. Rearrange furniture to make room appear more spacious

1. Relocate plastic storage bin to garage

1. Remove clock
2. Replace shower curtain with more generic shower curtain
3. Replace toilet seat with a non-personalized seat (I bought a new replacement seat for $10)
4. Wash bathroom rug

1. Fix curtain hardware (re-string it - check!)
2. Buy new curtains
3. Fix Shelle's closet door
4. Remove wall decorations

Front of House
1. Replace steps (does anybody have a good reference to give me???)
2. Paint railings
3. Plant annuals

Let the fun begin!


  1. Sure you aren't.. Suuuuure. LOL BTW...you never finish a house. It is always a work in progress. I'm pretty sure your house looks good enough as is. How is the real estate market? Do you think there are buyers or are you biding your time?

  2. I think we might have a few buyers - we're in a pretty decent neighborhood, for Philly...and our house is in pretty good shape.