Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Part Tuesday: BRU Rant

Part One: The Letter

December 26, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to let you know how very dissatisfied I am with two of your company’s policies. The first is with your rewards program. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous to give only half credit of the purchase price of a product that was purchased on sale/clearance. It makes absolutely no sense. I’m already receiving less credit of the product because I’m buying it at a reduced price. But why should I be penalized by crediting me with only half of the new lower price? Why can’t I receive the entire credit of the item at the sale/clearance price?

The second policy I have a problem with is regarding the Babies R Us bucks. I received $5 from the rewards program and used it on my recent purchase. It was credited to my total by distributing the rewards among all of the items. I then used a manufacturer’s coupon on a set of bottles (original price was $12.99) that I purchased. The coupon was good for “up to $15.99”. When the coupon was rung in, it deducted the new price of the bottles ($11.01) from my total. By deducting the new price of the bottles (as a result of the BRU bucks) instead of deducting the $12.99, I lost $1.98 of my $5 rewards money. If I had the bottles rung up separately from the rest of my purchases, I wouldn’t have lost that $1.98. Why can’t the BRU bucks just be deducted from the total instead of distributed among the items being purchased? That would eliminate that problem. Or, the manufacturer’s coupon could have been used to deduct the original price of the product.

I hope that you will take these issues under consideration for revision. Otherwise, I will seriously consider giving my business to another store that doesn’t have these ridiculous policies. I am currently the mother of a 7 month old girl, and will eventually be the mother of 3-5 children. I would like to continue shopping at Babies R Us because I get almost all of my baby’s products there. However, if I can’t reap all the rewards, then I will go to a store that gives me the rewards that ultimately saves me more money.


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  1. That's right. Show them who is boss. They don't realize who they are messing with :)