Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What If Wednesday

What if you lived like you were dying - what would your life be like?

It sounds good in theory, but this isn't always practical.  If I were dying, I would love to travel with my husband and daughter to see the world before I go.  But that would get expensive, and I just don't have that kind of money to spend.  I would also spend as much time as possible with family and friends.  Again, this isn't always practical because these people have their own lives to live, careers to attend to, etc. 

I would make each moment count.  I wouldn't put off the things that interest me.  For instance, if I wanted to do a puzzle, but needed to do the dishes, I would sit down at my table and do the puzzle and leave the dishes for another time (which is what I want to do now!!!).  I wouldn't worry about eatting a balanced diet (hmm...I think I actually need to do this now, as I'm not eatting very healthy at present) , and not worry about an expanding waistline, or about getting enough veggies.

What if you had an unlimited amount of money to spend - how would you spend it?

I'd live like I was dying :)  I would use my money to help out my family and friends so they could live comfortably.  I would buy a nice house with a pool, complete with full maid, pool, and cooking services!  I would also buy a beachfront property and boat along with previously stated services.  I would take numerous trips around the world, starting with Australia, Russia, Poland, Ireland, and Italy. 

I would make numerous donations to medical charities to help fund research for orphan diseases.  Not enough money is given to them b/c they afflict so few numbers of people.

Next week's What Ifs...
  • What if you were forced to give up one of your five senses - which one would you give up?
  • What if your house caught on fire and you could only save one item - what would you save?


  1. Hmmm, are you starting a new meme? I already do two on Wednesdays :) I love your #2. Number one was funny as well. But, a puzzle? You'd be dying of life, not dying of boredom. JK Love ya :)

  2. Yup - I'm going to be doing the following blog schedules:

    *Snapshot Sunday
    *Monday Musings
    *Two-Part Tuesday
    *What If Wednesday
    *TV Thursday
    *Feel Good Friday
    *Silly Saturday

  3. Girl, you are too organized for me. For the most part I'm completely random. Well, except for Is It Just Me and Wordless Wednesdays, 55 Flash Fiction Friday, and Song Saturday. The rest is just a free for all. Listen, if you make thse topics for this one less morbid I'll join in. I'm Irish, writing about death, losing a sense, and your house burning down is just bad luck, LOL.

  4. I'm still going to do the lose a sense, and house burning down for the next one, but I'll make the next posting something more cheerful :)