Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What If Wednesday

What if you were selected to be in the Olympics - in which event would you compete?

I would probably compete in the Curling event.  It reminds me of playing shuffleboard, which is really fun.  Also, I don't think that I really need to be in that good of shape to partake in that event.  If I were on the Curling team, I would probably be one of the sweepers.  I'm not very good with aiming things down a lane (just look at my bowling aim - I used to call myself Gutterball Beben), but I can sweep pretty well :)    

What if you were on the game show, Deal or no Deal - what would your strategy be?
I would start by picking whichever case I wanted, and then open up the cases in numerical order - starting from 1.  There would be no jumping around for me, which is what almost all of the other contestants do.  Also, whether or not I take a deal depends on what the board is like, and how much money it is.  More than likely, if I was made an offer of 6 figures, I would probably take it, no matter what my board looked like.  I'm not greedy - I need just enough to clear my school loan, and maybe my car loan as well.
Next week's What Ifs...
  • What if you found $20 lying on the ground - what would you do with it?
  • What if you could choose your relatives - would you keep the ones you have?

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  1. I like this one Shelle. I could surely use six figures to pay off my student loans too, LOL.